Project Life: April and May

10:48 PM

 Finally went back and completed April and May, which had been almost complete for ages.
So in these months I got sick on easter and again on my birthday, had a small kitchen fire when I turned on the wrong element, got really close to 2 people from the Twilight wolf pack, did photography stuff for course and turned 22, so quite a lot of interesting stuff happened lol.

May includes an insert of extra photos from when I walked around town and took heaps of photos for my homework. I cut a Becky Higgins page protector in half. I get my Dad to print my photos at his work because the printer is a lot better quality than my home printer, his printer quite often prints out darker than on screen, so these extra photos turned out way to dark. I might get them printed again at a photo kiosk cause everytim I look at them it bugs me.

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